Camera (Transform Softimage)

Hi all

this is a little one.

When I use Camera (Transform softimage) the mouse operation more or less do not work. When I try to Orbit, it moves very little.

I have tried to look into the module, but I get no clue to why it is not working as expected.


hi sunep, according to b27 changelog:

but how do I make a renderer active if making it the front most window and clicking and dragging around in it? doesn’t work for me here

I am having the same problem in GridEditor (EX9). I can’t move any of the points?

hmmm, seems to be my conputer that is weird… can’t move the mmouse while holding down a key on the keyboard.

sorry for the confusion

found the bugger… touch guard, to help you avoid moving the mouse while typing.

now set to off. and now camera and all that is working like I am used to :)