Camera Signal Transport

Hello Community,

I’m desperate. I have to get the input from 4 cameras into vvvv. So far so good. I used to use the PS Eye for that. But now the camera position is about 50 m of Cable away. I couldn’t find any effordable USB Extenders beyond 20 m. Now I thought of using IP Cams, but as I see there’s no easy way to get the images into vvvv.

That wouldn’t be a problem, if I had the money to buy industry cams like the imaging source stuff. But I don’t. I’m on a very low budged.

Does anybody have experiences with stuff like that: What else would I need. Since I’m working with a laptop, how do I get the camera signal inside? Is there such a thing as an external frame grabber?



Easiest way i’ve got 4 inputs into v4, is using a multiplexor (cctv device to quad split 4 PAL inputs into 1 PAL output) and then capture that, you can use a usb analogue capture device. Cameras are just cheap cctv cameras.
I’ve actually done this recently with a 16way multiplexor (you can get them with HDMI outputs too as a DVR)

haven’t tried them yet, but if you’re on a budget:

thanks for the fast help. @catweasel i found this here: Is that what you mean? what does it do? Create one texture with all 4 inputs?

@doriak. i bought one. they dont work. not with ps eye at least.


okay… one more problem. i can’t find a suitable capture device for usb or express card… any recommondations?

well u can screen capture usb or ip cam or u can acess web page no problem
capture device for usb might be not an option ;]
4 wifi go pro sounds better

VH Screen Capture Driver is a DirectShow filter, which emulates Video Capture card…

@antokhio USB doesn’t work. As far as I know there is no way to go beyond 20 m. IP cam and webpage-capture sounds like a good idea. What’s wrong with capturing via usb device?

did you try
i have no problem with 40 m

@DiMiX I got the delock 20 m extensions. They work fine. Sometime I get a signal with 40m, sometimes not. that’s just not safe enough. The problem with PS3 Eye is, that It needs absolutely all of USB 2.0 capacity. A little loss means no signal. Yesterday I ordered 4 cctv-cams, a multiplexor, the hauppauge usb live2 and some cables. I hope it’s gonna work… I’m out of money