Camera NearPlane settings



i’m faced a trouble with NearPlane settings for renderer.

NearPlane = 0.0000 Renderer_2011.06.03-13.42.44.png

NearPlane = 0.0100 (or > 0.0010) Renderer_2011.06.03-13.42.56.png

theory and nature of this trouble is not clear for me after reading docs and forums. could anybody explane me background for that.
many thanks!


ai bo,

would there be a special reason to set the nearplane to 0? i cannot explain in detail but i think the problem is that for some reason the distribution of the available resolution for the depthbuffer (which spans between near- and farplane) decreases dramatically when you set its nearplane to 0.

so typically you’d not need to set nearplane to 0 and if then also try setting farplane to a much lower value.


thanks, joreg.
of course i have no any reason to set nearplane at 0. and 0.0100 was perfect solution. guess we should simply take it as fact.
i just not understand why it happens and notice the trouble for others)