Call for Submissions

I’m organising a festival. Just wondering if anyone from vvvv would be interested in attending or submitting

Tweak Call for submissions

Tweak 2008 is a new interactive art and live electronic music festival taking place in Limerick City between the 23rd and 27th of September 2008. Its aim is to promote understanding of the use of technology within our culture and to explore contemporary issues (social, aesthetic and functional). The festival will consist of a 5-day exhibition, (interactive artworks, robots and installations) comprising of artworks from international and local artists.

Tweak examines the growing impact of digital technologies in the creation of art and aesthetic experience. Providing a space for Digital Artists to redefine the nature of technology within our lives, the festival intends to create public awareness of the complex nature of technology and explore the relationship technology has to our lives.

Tweak is calling for submissions:

Exhibition submissions:

Tweak invites architects, artists, designers, technologists, engineers, urbanists, or teams thereof, to submit artistic contributions for an exhibition that will critically explore new roles, contexts and approaches for design in relation to the social, cultural and ethical impact of existing and emerging technologies.

For submissions please include a 1-page description of the contribution, include photos or videos and a short bio.

Workshop submissions:

Tweak aims to educate and showcase alternatives methods of programming and hacking to produce creatively. Current topics include:

  - Arduino fun with microcontroller electronics

  - Visual Programming for your inner VJ

  - Circuit Bending and Music Making

  - Making plants talk – "I'm thirsty, feed me!" 

These workshops aim to alter the public perception of technology from being functional to something that is aesthetic and engaging and illustrate how programming and electronics can be used creatively to create music and art.

Workshop proposals should include a 1-page description of the theme of the workshop, short CV of organisers, duration and schedule of workshop.

Deadline for submissions is June 27th
For more information visit: email:

hey the website is up online now
and the new deadline for submissions is july 11th