CalibrateProjector Node Broken - IOBox (Enumnerations)?


I’m attempting to use the CalibrateProjector module and a strange node is broken - IOBox (Enumerations). As shown in the picture, IOBox (Enumerations) doesn’t work. Looking at Herr Inspektor, it looks like its “Input Enum” is broken; if I switch it from “normalised” to “pixels” it turns grey. Is there a pack/plugin/etc. dependency I’m missing? I tried both x64 and x86 and downloaded dx11 and VVVV.packs.Image for both, with the same result.

Hi vvvvProj,

there was a problem with Enums.
Would you please check it with the latest Alpha, should be fixed there.


Hey Anton,

Many thanks, downloaded the latest Alpha and can confirm IOBox Enumerations is fixed.

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