Calculating stuff in other programming languages

hey again,

so i made an A* algorithm for a pathfinding type thing and it works, but the performance is bad. this is because of the big spread, that stores all the evaluated moves (at least i think so, if i’m interpreting the debug mode numbers correctly How to use the debug mode hm :? ). in other programming languages one would use pointers to do this, which should be faster. i’m thinking about redoing this in flash as3, so my question is, how can i send and recieve variables to flash. i looked at the example file with the moving pictures. note that i don’t need the flash renderer window, i just want the result of the calculation. do i have to use the renderer anyway?

thx in advance for any help and tips.

why not use c# and make a plugin out of it. who is crazy enough to even consider using as3 ? ;)

check out this: c# plugins

anyway, exchanging data between flash and vvvv is done by either using the flash renderer + as2 file…erm, yeah its just as2. or via flosc as osc data. just google or search this forum for flosc or as2/as3 blublub.

i’d use the c# way as it is faster than flash and convenient to use.

as3’s performance isn’t too hot either and the solution could be pretty messy
c# is definitely the neatest way to go and has decent performance (more than enough for what you’re talking about, gives orders of magnitude performance over patching in vvvv), or processing could be a nice solution

if you’re into actionscript, then look into flosc

or if you want some performance tips, upload your patch and get some people to see if they’ve got any suggestions