Calculate projector position

hi to all…
i am trying to project a complex 3D surface, using he projector node to set up the position of the beamer in the space and xfile to get 3D surface where i would like to project.
well the problem arrive when i calculate the distance and the position of the projector from my x:0 y:0 z:0 point in the space.

i set all the parameters of the projector in the projector node but there is always some little mistake…

the answer is: where i have to consider is the center of the projector?
is it the middle point in the middle of the box of the projector? or it is somewhere else?

thank you


apparently the center of the projector is in the center of its body. you can see that by opening the help file and disconnecting the transforms above.

however i could also imagine another version of the projector with its center at the tip of the projection cone. in fact i always thought it should be like that, but apparently didn’t double check the final version.

notes to the current version:

  • the tip of the projection cone is attached to the front wall
  • adjusting lens position has an effect on the projection cone

hi gregsn

thank you very much for your help…

i checked it like you told and it is like that the reference point it’s the center of the box…

using the center x,y,z of the transform node connected to the projector node to positioning the center just in front of the lens of the beamer and like this it seems me more easy positioning the projector in the space and yaw and pitch it…

thank you again