Bundle workshop – Introduction to Reactive Patching - Tebjan Halm // missing parts


I am still learning vvvv gamma with the help of the workshop made during the Node Event in 2020, but as another previous workshop I can’t find anywhere the ressources to fully understand and acheve this course…

So, if anyone can upload or share " ReactiveWorkshop.zip " i will appreciate and you will be my hero for the day ;) (around 1h08 in the video)

This .zip contains " ReactiveWebinarLib.vl " so it can be referenced in my learning patch.
It Also contains, a big .jpg (of the milky way) and an 3D object of the ISS. Those parts are not important for me, i have some .obj wich i can use for this tutorial and i can use any other *.jpg to understand.

Again thanks a lot for helping me.

Have a nice day.

PS : if an admin see this, can you also upload this ressources in the workshop page please for futurs learners ?

ReactiveWebinarLib.vl (50.8 KB)

@Jerome33 i actually found a full zip but can’t upload that big


Thanks a lot Antokhio !

Downloaded and it seems to be complete. When referencing the provided .vl in my learning patch, the missing nodes are available. Now I can visualize the ISS’s position in real time O.o

You’re definitly a hero for me ! ;) Have a wonderfull day, thanks again !

And in order to complete my previous answer, because i did not have the 3D model of the ISS and because i did not have access to ISS position in real time, i have worked with my great SUV 3D model (not tesla roadster ;) ) which is almost randomly floating around the earth.

But now, it’s the ISS which is following the good trajectory (and not a improvised one with 2 LFO to simulate something…)

thanks again Antokhio !

Hey. I have uploaded the zip to the course page. If any other ressources are missing, dont hesitate to contact me directly via info@thenodeinsitute.org

Hi David,

ForEach missing ressources 
WillSendEmailTo info@thenodeinsitute.org

Thanks you for the add into this course (and the other VFX compositing).
Have a nice day

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