Bump shader

the source code of this shader was a recommendation of tonfilm. i’m an HLSL idiot and only understand the general structure of shader but not the techniques. so can someone point me the right direction why this bump shader is flickering in vvvv ?

bump.zip (18.9 kB)

check attached for a start.

notice the normals node that generates the required tangents and binormals for the shader.

also rather call this a normalmap effect than a bump effect. since it is based on a normalmap and not only a simple grayscale heightmap (which i would rather call bumpmap) (okok this may be a personal thing and not a technical).

changed small things, and to stay joregs friend i renamed to normalmap ;)

normalmap.zip (18.1 kB)

hm… seems my attachment didn’t make it through…retrying…

normalmapper.zip (18.2 kB)

thank you very much, guys :)

something for the shader library…