Bullet Physics Plugin - Bugs

dear julien,
[[bullet-physics-nodes-beta](((contribution:bullet-physics-nodes-beta)](https://vvvv.org/contribution/bullet-physics-nodes-beta](((contribution:bullet-physics-nodes-beta)) is for sure a great thing!

but excuse me…

the Mesh of SoftBody (Bullet EX9.Geometry) doesn’t provide Texture Coordinates…


BUGnoTEXcoords.v4p (20.5 kB)

From the contrib page todo list section:

  • Texturing options for some shapes (soft bodies and stuff like hulls).

Note: most of rigid shapes already got tex coords,but only one soft body has tex coords so far, won’t menthion which one :)

Also didn’t knew it would work with cubemaps, guess it doesn’t use the mesh coords :)

should I be able to see something in your bug patch kalle?

you should be able to see that one of the two objects should be textured with “earth 512 * 512.jpg” from the girlpower folder.
But due to the bug it isn’t textured.

Can’t see anything at all :(

@kalle: ellipsoid has tex coords now. Still not completely exact trying to sort out the wrapping. Doesn’t work well with map yet but does with checkerboard/line textures.

Also small tip: for ellipsoid “pressure coefficient pin” is a nice parameter, high values :)

Do you have the bullet contrib installed somewhere in plugins?