Bullet Physics DX11 help

Hi, is there some help material for Bullet Physics in DX11?

there should be some node material, what exactly u having troubles with?

I have Bullet 3D stuff from the workshop @ NODE, it all seems to work, its only missing RigidBody(Bullet EX9 Geometry) node in drawing part of the project. Anyway I need to draw in DX11, so basically I’m looking how to get Bullet Geometry into DX11 shader. I’m on vvvv_45beta33.7_x64

Bullet3D.rar (132.4 kB)

hi! yea u need to replace this one with assimp or generic box etc., since bullet bodies are more or less just a collision meshes, there is no point of extracting them from bullet directly, since a collision mesh is usually a maximum low poly replication of an original mesh

u also wanna look on to the instanced examples in dx11 girlpower since they make bullet stuff render faster

Ok cheers… no text …