Bullet Multiparts object rigidbody collision shape issue

Hello everyone! I need some help.

I’m playing a bit with the bullet nodes. My goal is basic:

  • using a multiparts object (ie: a fractured object) as rigidbodies

  • Display the objects in the scene

  • activate the rigidbody

  • the objects starts falling then break apart after colliding the ground

I’ve managed to achieve this by importing all parts of my objects individually. The parts are colliding as they should.(it’s easy to do with 4 parts but with 99 parts it may be tedious to patch)
But the goal of VVVV is spreading isn’t it, then it might be possible to import a multiparts object.

It works. But the collision shape of the parts is wrong, as you can see in the attached patch.
It’s like if each parts get the collision shape of every other parts.
Result, after activation the object explode instead of falling then break on the floor.

what am I doing wrong? (see attached patch)


bullet_multiparts_object.zip (33.8 kB)

Here is an update of my patch. use the Up arrow key to build the object, then 1 to activate and watch it fall on the ground.

bullet_multiparts_object_workin.zip (36.4 kB)

What is wrong with this thread? Nobody is having fun with Bullet Physics? Does my patch is too messy? Should I take a girl nickname? Btw Newemka is a woman character from an italian movie.

I bet Createrigidbody node is not spreadable, i’m not sure if it’s the right term.

Which movie?

With 31.2_86x on w7 64x crashes. And I can’t understand why. I’ll dig it further, though (and yes, patch is quite messy to let others understand at glance what does what).


I changed the way you look for .dae (I used a relative path) which was causing crashing.

Then I simply added an IOBox Toggle set to true to Activate of UpdateBody (Bullet Rigid). This way keyboard button 1 will not work. You would rebuild this logic, avoid feeding Activate with a bang.

Ah, yes, I also deleted useless nodes (lone ones, with no downward connections, etc.).

Said that, I’m not a Bullet expert, so I don’t know if this can be done in a more convenient way.

Hope it helps.

mod_01.03.RigidShapes_mabtest_test.v4p (62.8 kB)