Building works on one, fails on two machines

hi all,

all machines with gamma 5.2 and VL.HapPlayer.2.6.0
Building works on machine A, but not B and C.
I just copied vl.happlayer from A to B, but still get this error: (798 Bytes)

seems it is not able to find the happlayer nuget?

but I just copied vl.happlayer from machine A to here

please advice

Where did you get it from originally? You should either have access to a package source or you have the *.nupkg - you then need to install it once on the target machines so it also ends up in the global nuget folder and so the dotnet build system is able to find it.

The path to the hap player nupkg file needs to be added to the generated NuGet.config file. We currently only have a command line argument for that: --export-package-sources

For example say the file is in C:\Foo\VL.Hap.nupkg, one would start vvvv like:
vvvv.exe --export-package-sources C:\Foo

This tells the exporter to add that path to the generated NuGet.config file, which in turn will be used by dotnet to build the generated project.