Building something like VOSC (visual particle synthesizer)


recently i found VOSC (visual synthesizer) and its almost the thing i want to use for my audio/visual performances…

here is a short description:

“VOSC is a visual particle synthesizer that allows for the manipulation of large numbers of on screen particles through the use of oscillators. By manipulating the size, shape, and frequency of the oscillators, intricate patterns can be created.”

my plan is to create something similiar with vvvv (or another tool like processing, quartz compressor)

with the following additions:

audiocontrol (low, mid, high)
midi/osc control of different parameters
saving presets (that can be changed with programmchanges)
maybe a transformation between presets

honestly i am very new to vvvv… i used to be a actionscript programmer and experimented with reaktor, max/msp in the past… did some patches in quartz composer and some basic coding in processing…

it seems like that VOSC is based on a particle-system and i am not sure which of the tools is best to handle that much particles…

i need some advice where to start. i am that kind of person that needs a project to get into a programming language… i did a couple of tutorials here and there but most of them i forgot very fast (because its a little bit boring)

maybe its better to know which program i should use and if it is vvvv if there are certain libraries that i should install etc… or maybe somebody already created something like that and i can tweak it.

thanks for your help, steve