Building something like Resolume in vvvv?


I’m currently building a live performance apllication,
where I’ve used vvvv to read sensor data,
and then remote control Resolume via OSC to move some clips around there.
So Resolume is mostly used as GUI for setting up media, and as render engine.
The problem is the Resolume playback performance, which is very jittery.
If i render directly in vvv, this is a lot nicer, on the same machine.

So the solution seems to be to cut out Resolume.

The hardest part (to me)seems to recreate the part of the Resolume GUI I need:

  • A button Matrix style interface with thumbnails
  • Loading images and Clips (with file dialog or ideally drag’n’drop)
  • Different ‘decks’ (like chapters/scenes) and the ability to switch in between.
    All this needs to be quite robust, as its used in a live situation.

Is this doable,
can somebody point me in the right direction,
or would you know of another OSC controllable VJ application with a GUI similar to Resolume?

I will release exactly that software in a couple of weeks:


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resolume actually has pretty good performance but if you have an nvidia card you can use spout so you can share textures from vvvv

@tekcor: that sounds great - will you be releasing open source?

with spout, could i share individuals layers from resolume to vvvv?
and do the final render in vvvv?

basically i only scroll layers in resolume,
and that really doesn’t perform well.

@microdee, there is an issue in avenue (and in fact R1+R2+R3) with playing footage that you only see if you have slow moving content, an easy test is a revolving line, every few frames the movie will tick, if you don’t use slow stuff your fine, I’ve been complaining about since the first release, they have only recently admitted its still an issue and are saying it will be fixed in v5 (like they did for r3… so I’m not holding my breath!)

@catweasel: ooh i see, i’ve never used slow footage in resolume
@oysterboy: yep.

Yup, thats why they’ve never bothered fixing it…
And scrolling will show up the ticks too ;)