Build opens no window, if no renderer active at start

hi all,

I want to choose at startup if I render plain skia, or skiatexture in stridewindow. I do set my render variable “on create”, but it seems not to arrive in the first frame. So for example, first frame is still “false”, skia renderer opens, then “true” arrives, stride renderer opens, skia window stays open.

to circumvent this, I put my renderers into if regions. and wait a few frames, before starting one of my renderers. this works in the editor, but when building, it does not open any render window.

it does work, if one of the renderers is active in the beginning. The first window that opens is also the dominant one. I can just close the application with this windows “x” button.

Use ManageProcess set to short lifetime instead of If region, they should work fine in the first frame. And will close the window because they call Dispose. The if only decides whether update is called, and update doesn’t decide whether the window is open or closed. So you need the full lifecycle of the process node with create, update, and dispose which ManageProcess will… manage.