Bugfixing: single node/subpatch opens multiple tabs

just a quick one: what can be the reasons for a (sub)patch, when right-clicked, is opening in two tabs - but there is only one instance of it in the hosting patch?
(And one level below a (subsub)patch opens four times, though it should only be once.)

(And only one tab shows the correct/expected inputs while in all other tabs the input is just NIL)

you should provide your root patch and subpatch, this maybe due an xml error

it is sitting in a pretty complex setup. very difficult to isolate.

edit: just tried to isolate it. the multi-tabs don’t happen when only opening that part of the bigger project :/

  1. Middle click on patch background, Leaf Menu > Main > Cleanup Links
  2. Check the XML of parent patch.
  3. Save both parent and child patches with a different name, close vvvv, delete original, rename patches as original, restart vvvv.
  4. Recheck the XML of parent patch
  5. Post findings here.
  6. Have a snack.

Yea simtimes copy paste to new patch helps

Hm I also had once the case where a node was lying exactly on top of the other one - so try moving that “one” instance of your node and make sure that’s not the case…

Found it. My fault, sorry.
The hosting patch (which itself is a subsubsubsubpatch, being exact) was also instanciated in a different part of the whole system (was a \sub\sub\sub\sub/subpatch so to say) … which caused the extra tab. Pffeww.

In any case, thanks for all the advice and tips!!

So, what did you get as a snack?

The icelandic version of Köttbullar! Yummie…


Ah… polpette! Fried or in oven… uh! Oh Lord.
Anyway, I never tried such a recipe, not to difficult to make, ingredients should be easy to find, but I wonder if the taste would be the same as I have no options for sauces.
Also, Iceland, uh? One could bring them to edible temperature really fast, in colder seasons… nice… and dangerous…

in such a scenario the finder should come handy to figure out what’s going on.

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