Bug with SpaceMouse "loosing" focus

We have been using 3dconnexion’s SpaceMouse with vvvv and VL for a long time. It works fine most of the time, but a lot of times it can “loose” the focus from the SpaceMouse VL node to the actual VL window. The node will then not output any values and instead the SpaceMouse can zoom in and out of the VL canvas.

After re-enabling the pressing Reset for a number of times it then suddenly switches over to controlling the VL node and not the window.

@dominikKoller I think you created the VL nodes. Have you or anyone else come across this?

Do you think you could make a version that does not rely on the 3dconnexion driver, similar to what Rhino does (it works in Rhino without the driver and it’s the only software I know where it works flawlessly because of that).


ps: I wanted to upload a video showing the behaviour, but you can’t upload videos and even for gifs the limit is 3mb!? What is this? 2005?