BUG : right click on subpatch to open sometimes gets captured by InAWindow renderer


quick bug i get a lot

I generally have renderers docked inside patches. Also I right click on subpatches within the same patch to open them and edit them.

Patch A has :

  • Renderer = R
  • Subpatch = S
  • Node in A for S = N

S is InABox (i.e. Hidden) in A as node N, and R is InAWindow in A (i.e. docked inside the patch).

If I right click on N to open S, I expect S’s window to open.
Often instead, R will undock from A and become a separate window
I presume R is previously selected as i’ve been performing camera actions it it, but I’m right clicking on N so I should expect VVVV to ignore R

annoying indeed. fixed, danks.