Bug report + a suggestion

vvvv beta26:

-crashed by arriving to do a getslice(spread) with a negative value (-8) on output of FFT analysis subpatch ( 256 spreaded output)

this node was inside a subpatch, an output connected to it, and linked from main patch to another subpatch

value of the slice was done by right click up down mouse

-some subpatches are not hiddable by keyboard shortcut, despite selected, for some it works, for some it doesnt work
this is obligated to be done from upper patch by right click. It will work each time in this manner.

-white flashes while patching, connecting, node calling/hidding or just linking. Quite painfull when working low lights effects in a all smooth && dark universe.
this is something i hope it will disappear one day. i presume this is related to the On-vvvv-start-grey-renderer-topic


a place in VVVV where i can have a synthetiview of all present node, classed by name or level of apearance in the main patch.
NO connexions but perfs debug mode should be accessible. AVaibility to select them and open them from it.

a kind of “clear function”: when a project is finished ( i m a live wild patcher ), it would be great to ask VVVV to destroy all not connected node ( based on IN+OUT= no conexion and OUT=no connexion).

Voilà ! yours ;-)

hola karistouf,

please remember that your bug reports are most useful when they come with a patch demonstrating a problem. it is hard for us to arrive from written descriptions at a patch that repeats the problem. since you already have the patch, why write down how it didn’t work instead of cleaning it up a bit, see that the error is exactly reproducible and upload it here.

and you do know the finder, do you? it doesn’t show debug info though…

halo joreg!
thanks for finder. no i didnt, thanks ;-)

about bug: its complicate to extract the bug easely.
i m live patching in reherasals.
what i m sure now ( about not arriving to hide patch) is: amount of textures in memory are for something in the bug.
i cant use the technique of load-unload patches, as in theatre usually everything overlaps ( no scene, then no video, blabl a ). So i m loading a lot of things ( wmv, dds, and some little tiny png from girlpower). i m not doing meshes or using plugins: dynamic plug ins.

i m relying this trouble of hide-unhide to a more general bug in vvvv when there is a lot of amount of thinks loaded in memory ( enabled or not).

i understand your point of view, but how can i reproduce a bugwhere it comes from amount of materials, and density of the main patch ? this project is done with a classical cartoon animator, wich means a lot of drawings to animate in cycles present in memory.

when i m lightening the maximum dds element ( resizing dds to the minimum possible), and converting certain animations in wmv to have less things in memory, this bug of hide/unhide disapears.

i m massively now avoiding png usage, as they appeared in precedent project being cause of strange bug, especially big format ( 4096 or more sized images).

thats all i can say.

memory node is not helping
perfmeter is doing fine. those two tools are not showing up any busy busy Vram or whatelse with this way to use vvvv.

Hi there

It’s me, I am a rookie user of vvvv and I am pretty satisfied with the software and the nodes; we met each other in the Tadaex04 last year and this platform helped me a lot in the meantime. The other week I had a slight problem programming an installation which raised some questions in my mind regarding the correct use of the software and after a couple of biased criticism were aimed on me I handle some parts of that installation with other softwares and decided to describe my problem here with the team to find about the source of it.

So, as I said I was preparing a patch for a none-commercial exhibition including a quad node that loads a panoramic photo in which people could pan the photo left or right via a Joystick and a GameController node. The values from the joystick was routed to a WavePlayer to pan the audio left and right at the same time. The wave files were two huge 500MB files - results of field recordings of mine and everything were working file just before I plan to connect the audio panning. It happened only a few minutes before the vip opening and the wave player stopped working, I realized this by the position amount on the node.

Later on I routed the joystick data to a midi-out node and used them in another computer to manipulate the sound-playback accordingly. The PC I was running vvvv on included a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20GHz with 4 Gigabytes of Ram on an old Asus M2A-VM mother board using an Onboard graphic card with shared memory on that 4GBs of Ram Running a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and the sound was getting played back on a rack-mount M-audio Delta 1010 (PCI) sound-card during the time. I guess the CPU architecture and the other specifications are not much important since the buggy thing showed up during the test performance just before the vip opening of the exhibition. Please not the position value of the waveplayer node which stuck and did not moved after the problem started.

I also want to add a couple of remarks about adding a mono sound output node for users to route them and makes this great platform much more perfect. And yes, by posting this bug report I don’t mean to nag at all; I just meant to share my experience as a user and to post something that may improve vvvv for future.

Much regards.

The patch (not including the huge wave files and the Panoramic image) (20.6 kB)

hei soso, i remember…the cake…

sorry to hear you had troubles, quite hard to reconstruct from your description though. i’d recommend looking at other options to play back files here: audio instead of the waveplayer…