Bug related to fullscreen signal loss

if a fullscreen renderer looses signal, v4 gets into a bugged/locked state where it is blinking in and out of focus and from where only a forced quit works.
since at least two years of betas.

i.e. happens in the following setup :

hd laptop screen is secondary display, running fullscreen
wqhd monitor is primary display, used for patching and windowed preview

alt+enter the windowed preview to fullscreen, all good

alt+enter it back to windowed, and

  • v4 starts to blink in and out of selection
  • v4 doesn’t minimize
  • any new window i manage to open in the short intervals between the described blinkings gets thrown in the back
  • menu not working
  • tty doesnt know about this
  • single thing i can do is doubleclick and patch a Doquit node and restart v4

this has happened since a specific version about 2 years ago, but i can’t remember the number

if no one has encountered this (i did lots of times, on many systems, esp at signal loss), i will start to remove parts of my patch to see when its working again but its really unintuitive