Bug? (or am I just stupid :)


In the attached patch, I created an Input node by copy/pasting a previously created node with a slider.

I changed settings in the Inspector, to make it an XY slider, but I can only change the Y value.

Maybe the devvvvs can find out in the attached xml-file what the problem is, and how this could have happened.

(Or did I just miss something too obvious?)

EDIT: looking at the xml, I might have started the problem-node from (another) Bang Node.

XY slider problem.v4p (4.3 kB)

Seems that slider behavior should be set to Slider, and not to Endless.

Why can’t ‘endless’ be used in the X-direction, and only in the Y-direction?

if you change Slider Behavior from Endless to Slider in the inspektor it works the way you want it

Edit: note to self, read all the post before commenting.

haven’t checked your patch but ya, iirc endless was only implemented for Y and not for X (for no particular reason though). was that it?