Bug in IOBox and in Renderer

See attached patch.
IOBox behaves weird on changing to ColsRowPages and changing back to Input.
Mouse Events in Renderer don’t work in box mode and still not when going back to windowed mode.

IOBoxAndRendererBugs.v4p (9.2 kB)

thx for reporting. fixed 2nd issue.

concerning the iobox-behavior: this is by design: the moment you switch to ColsRowsPages the X input also is set to 8 slices. so now when switching back to Input the slicecount of X is not changed… agreed, this is a bit hidden…but its been like this since beta1.

Funny that I didn’t notice it until now.
I was teaching a total beginner some vvvv and it was like “ok, now we can set that to ColsRowsPages to directly control the amount. But if we change it back to Input, it behaves like befo— wait a moment… what?” And than I had to click, like, 5 times in scary-for-beginners places to reset that.
It’s strange that an _hidden_IOBox changes a lot of behaviour.