Bug in elementa makes sliders, pots, ints etc unusable

hi there. i think i found a bug in elementa which makes it somehow unusable for me.
when i concat several elementa spreads, widgets like “slider” or “int” dont response properly anmore when operated with the mouse. other widgets like toggle, path, radiobuttons dont seem affected by this.

i tried other methods to join the spreads that concat, with the same buggy result.

anyone knows a workaround? or maybe its not even a bug, but i use it in the wrong way?

please check the attached patch.
elementabug2.vl (22.4 KB)

Hey there,

You’d rather do it this way :


Instead of using Concat and Cons nodes with only one input, always try to group widgets as soon as you can so you end up only grouping IElementum.

I attached this fix, which works fine here.

elementabug2_solved.vl (21.9 KB)

Let me know if this approach works for you and solves your issue!

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hey yes that works perfectly! so i guess i did it wrong and it has something to do with elementas architecture rather than a bug! thanks so much!