Bug: ctrl-g Make subpatch will not work with vvvv in subdir of userdir containing 'o'

Like my problems with the recent alpha: [forum-alpha/vvvv45alpha31.6x86-exception-on-startup-win8.1](https://vvvv.org/documentation/forum-alpha/vvvv45alpha31.6x86-exception-on-startup-win8.1) there seems to more problems depending on certain characters in the path.

When running vvvv (beta31.2x86)from subdir of C:/Users/Björn Ctrl-G on some selected nodes yields an empty subpatch. Even if the parentpatch is saved in a dir under c:\ with no exotic characters the behaviour is the same.

With vvvv in C:\vvvv-test\vvvv_45beta31.2_x86 Ctrl-G works as expected.

hm…cannot reproduce. you say “some selected nodes”…can you provide an exact example?