Buffer and Queue texture in the same project


not sure it’s a bug or a limitation but if you have both
Queue (EX9.Texture) and Buffer (EX9.Texture) nodes in a project
increasing the Queue (EX9.Texture) frame count dramatically drop the fps
no matter how many frames have been recorded in the Buffer node.
see attached patch!

Buffer+Queue (EX9.Texture)MemoryTester help.v4p (26.9 kB)

almost certainly not a bug. from a quick look at your patch i can see that you’re piling up a huge amount of textures there and at some point you’ll obviously hit your graphic-cards limits to hold those in videomemory at which point it will have to start swapping memory which in turn leads to a performance penalty.

possibly a 32bits limitation i’ve a 4GB memory graphic card
the fps goes down when i’m around 2GB of recorded frames
but when i delete the Queue texture (even configured with a low frame count something like 20 frames) the fps return to its “normal” value…