Broken renderer when trying to go fullscreen with two instances

Hello there.
Since the problem described in this thread is still partially open, i wonder whether this problem will be solved in the near future. I can go fullscreen in one instance, without disturbing the other instance (in terms of renderer and framerate). But as I see, I cannot go fullscreen on two separate screens, whereas each instance occupies one screen. The renderer which goes fullscreen stops working then.

in order to test it, see the attached test-example. you need to change the path to your vvvv.exe in the .bat file…

thanks (3.8 kB)

for convenience i doubt this is a vvvv issue. please find any directx-based software and go fullscreen with it on two different devices.

in the other thread cat mentioned it worked for him with resolutions up to 1024x768…so it could probably also be a memory issue?!

hi aivenhoe, dont know if it could help:
but for hudges patches, i m now switching off ( node) the connection to the final renderer.
By doing a bang togedged up to a toggle, i m switching on manually, once all the patch is opened the group(ex9) to texture. This seems to save a problem of memory with renderers full screen. Dont know if this trick will help you, i hope so, as joreg mentionned a memory problem.

according to this document:
Multiple-Monitor Operations (Direct3D 9)
it is officially not possible to go fullscreen twice from two different instances of vvvv (or any other dx9 application).