Bring gamma windows to front if already open

I love the new windows in the gamma editor like the Errors and Warnings or Channels window.

A small suggestion to improve the UX:

We often have many windows open when working in gamma. The editor, render windows, other tools,… etc. it can quickly fill up.

I noticed that if a window like Errors is already open and you try to open it again, nothing happens.

Could you make it, so that if I call the window again, but its open, it just brings it to the foreground again. That way I can just press the shortcut again.

Additionally it could indicate in the ◼ Menu next to the name of the window that its already open, by using a small dot or something. If I press it again in there, it should also just come to the foreground.

Lastly, I find it somewhat confusing why some windows are in Extensions, but others are in Windows and some are just on the top hierarchy of the menu, like Help Browser and Show&Tell. Could they all just go to Windows, so it’s more clear where we can find them if we don’t know the shortcut!?

Thanks for considering!


There is another more obvious suggestion to bring back the “always on top” option for these windows as it was in the Beta (Crtl + T, if I remember correctly) — I still have a muscle memory and sometimes try to use it (also for renderers — now only with winform utils)

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100x yes! I miss that, too!

Deep appreciation!


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