Brightness, contrast


the problem i have is described in the tutorial i think. i just want to know if someone maybe has some “workaround”. i am using a very simple videoplayer patch (built in version 8.1) on a nvidia 3400 quadro fx card and want to control brightness, contrast, hue and saturation with a midi controller. on my ati (laptop) card the thing works fine. on the nvidia brick its not working… (i know that this feature is graphic card depended but i really just want to know if there is maybe a little workaround)


pixelshader are the most convenient way to go. however i don’t know, if it runs on a nvidia 3400.

a workaround i used to have for more contrast was to spread the texture (stallone) and have the blendmode set to add.


I’ve updated my RGB contrast shader to work with PS 1_4 or 2, and included a example patch hope it helps (if you still need help!) its for beta 9 though!