Bright Problem with Video In node


vvvvbeta12 Video In node set in RGB24 offer a video very dark.


strange again. what about playing with the brightness pins via inspektor? note that beta12 takes the color-settings currently stored with the driver.

if that doesn’t help have a look (and screenshot) of the graphedit graphs of both beta11.1 and beta12.

Playing with the brightness, contrast and saturation pins allows to find the good aspect but values are (2944,68,60) instead of (750,100,100).

same here !

Thiv - I guess you are using a analog capture card with Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipset - right ?

All RGB-modes deliver this dark image when connected with the video pin in Beta12 and some are also flipped vertically.

But … the good thing is, the Y…-modes (especially the YUY2 mode) do work good now. They are better anyway as they do not need any color conversion, so they are faster and need less CPU-power.

I tried possible video in configurations an two very different machines (PIII 1GHz Radeon9800, PIV 3,6GHz X800) with Beta11.1 and Beta12 and put the findings into a small excel-sheet that is attached. I checked on both machines that no non-standard DirectShow Filters like Moonlight have been used and luckily the findings are pretty similar for both machines.

I fear that the OKs in Beta12 for the preview pins are not really OKs, because the image always looks exactly the same, no matter what mode is selected. I think the mode setting has no influence at all for the stream delivered by the preview pin !?


videoin.xls (23.0 kB)

attached revised version of the excel-list from last post.


videoin.xls (26.6 kB)