Bpm tapping patch

hi fellas,

after having made a first mini live act with 4v that was beamed to the student´s hostel on the oppisite side of the street on the campus i live, i got to the point, that i need some bpm tapping patch to sync out my lfos.

i´m dreaming of some accurate beat tap algorithm that recognizes full beat and half beat taps (means the time tolerance is something intelligent). the found bpm shall be pitchable by around 10% (i´m from the 1210 technics lover´s so i would go down to 8%).

i built some tapping patch but i have a big logic problem in it, thus meaning i tap fast beats, my supposed to be bpm counter delivers lower bpm values LOL!

i searched for algorithm of tapped bpm detection but i can´t find good stuff.

do you have any ideas, or somebody patched stuff like that already?

ps: thinking about mainloop(VVVV), filtered?
i utilize the timing(debug) node to get seconds.

xmas-like greetinx, by b³

bpmSyncClicker (Value 1.0).v4p (14.1 kB)

hi b²,
i made something like this long ago.

look at the screenshots.

i just forgot to post this as a module.


i did a bpm tapping by myself (:
(oldschool 8% +/- pitchable) (3.8 kB)

cool bigbabou…

but i think more important than having the bpm, is to have beat synced bangs that can trigger visual events… im on a patch which does exactly that, the concept is that ofa dj who tries to sync a record to the other.

i think i integrate even an acoustic controll possibilties with bass snare and highhats, i think acoustical controll is more exact than having for example a quad punmping to the beat. you can mix your visuals to the record like a dj.

it isnt finished im still on it, but feel fee to work on it or tell your ideas…

Beattapper.v4p (30.8 kB)

oh that doesnt work you need my buffer (value) module installed…
here it is:

just saw the screenshot “i am for bigbabou”, thanks! hehe

now of course the bpm value does not hit the big shit if you don´t use this for recalculating the lfo timings. this patch was finished weeks ago, good old oh-five (:

i did the +/- 8% because i also mix up techno sessions every now and then and i´m quite used to putting different streams of speed together. the idea with an acoustic signal for more exactivity [