Boygrouping Video problem


I am running a patch synchronizing video across an array of screens. There are four client PCs rendering the video, and a separate server PC controlling the boygrouping Filestream sync.

Everything was working well, but then something mysterious started happening. Periodically, when launching the client applications, two of the four PCs will fail to launch the patch.

I have found a strange workaround. On the server, if I change the broadcast method from UDP to TCP or vice versa, save and reload the patch, the clients launch and begin performing as expected.

The next time it stops working (after a reboot, for example), I have to do the same process. TCP or UDP don’t seem to matter, but the act of switching between the two seems to fix the problem.

Any ideas what might be causing this, and what a more permanent fix might be?

hei fitzgers, sounds strange. can you be sure that this only happens when using a FileStream (DShow9 Boygroup) in your patch? or does this also happen randomly with a very simple patch (say: only a quad->renderer boygrouped)?

what version of vvvv are you using?