Boygrouping Requirements

Hi everybody,

I’m relatively new to VVVV, for my first video mapping project I want to boygroup PCs to output up to 12 projectors. Since money is an issue, do I really need a dedicated Master or can I assign him to render 3-4 Outputs as well (assuming the content is simple enough to handle)?

Is there anything Im missing here?

Secondly, can someone recommend me distributors for PC Hardware, ideally with experience in Media servers and Machine learning , especially when I need them in bulk? Curious where you guys get your stuff from;) Thanks!


absolutely you can do this.

in this case you may want to considert using vvvv gamma instead. while it doesn’t have a built-in boygrouping feature, it could still be the overall better solution to use. is this only for video playback or will you also have generative content?

Ah I was wondering myself! Its mostly live generated content and I want to use the dx11 particles pack , but I saw that it isn’t compatible with gamma yet. Does that mean I have to build it on my own, for example with FUSE?

Would you definitely recommend to switch to gamma or is beta still a reliable option for a permanent installation? How long are you guys planing on maintaining both?

any project you start today i’d clearly recommend to use vvvv gamma for. by now it should be better suitable to any project in almost all aspects. one aspect though is obviously your own situation. if you’re comfortable with vvvv beta and the dx11 particles pack and for this project don’t have time to learn something new, then there is no reason to not still use vvvv beta. so:



We don’t have any plans of categorically stopping maintainance of vvvv beta and vvvv gamma, while being quite solid now, is still just getting started…

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