Boygrouping question

hi all,

i just don’t figure out, how to set up a boygroup over multiple screens with different screen sizes/fullscreen dimensions. for example one screen has a resolution of 1600x1200 and 4 other screens should be employed by 2 machines, where the desktop is set to span mode (2x1280x1024). is such a combination even possible? then i would need more than one renderer to be boygrouped i guess…
please make things clear to me…


huh. damn. you got us.
this could be tricky…mmm…

a rather difficult workaround could be sending a message via SetPatch to the renderer to change the resolution. only on specific clients. mmm…anybody here who wants to figure out the message?

that should work. on the other hand this could finally persuade us to make the renderers configuration pins ordinary input pins…

how to set those values with setPatch. See attached patch

set_fullscreen_res.v4p (2.1 kB)

thank you david and joreg,

but should “SetPatch” then be defined on the server? and how can i address the specific client?
david: is it this commandline, which has to be modified?:

so many questions…
thx for any help!

i mean this commandline (troubles with copy-paste of course…

…PIN pinname=“Fullscreen Dimensions” slicecount=“1” values="|1024 x 768|" /…

You have to use SetPatch on the Clients.
As you change the values attribute from |1024 x 786| to |800 x 600| the values should be taken by the renderer. Use inspektor to see if it works.
Only use the predefined Resolutions.

Important: You have to figure out the ID of the renderer node to make sure you are updating values of the right node. It might happen, that this ID is changing while you are patching. A save way to get the current ID of a node is. PatchAlias (vvvv) --> GetPatch (vvvv) --> XPath (xml)

The XPath-Expression should be somethin like this
/PATCH/NODE ‘square bracket open’
@nodename=‘Renderer (EX9)’ ‘square bracket close’/@id
with the resulting ID, you should be able to only set values to the renderer node…


thx david, i have another question… what, if there are more than one renderer? how can i find out which id (the ids i got from the xpath query) belongs to which renderer? i tried to name the renderers but it isnt saved in the nodename atribute…
any tricks?

No it isnt saved in the nodename attribute. But descriptive names are saved in an element PIN inside of the Element Node
If you want to get the ID of a renderer wich descriptive name is “example” this is the XPath-query:

/PATCH/NODE{@nodename=‘Renderer (EX9)’ and PIN{@pinname=‘Descriptive Name’}/@values=‘example’}/@id

make sure { and } are squared brackets. i can’t post them here.


what kept you from adding configuration pins?

mainly the idea that one could then connect something to that pin that would cause a resolution change in every frame. so it was mainly a precaution. but i admit that it is rather hindering.

if you make those pins accessable, which would be very cool, please make the datatype of resolution pins just integers not enumerations. this way in a bopygroup the clients can have resolutions that are not available on the server. (ok i know the problem is, that one could enter resoltions that make no sense at all)

last post was me forgot to login…

thank you a lot david,

BUT i have a problem to figure out the ID of the renderer. do i have to place this “PatchAlias (vvvv) --> GetPatch (vvvv) --> XPath (xml)” on the client or on the server? by placing it on a client no id shows up. is it because the renderer is just mirrored by the server and a visible renderer-node does not really exist on the clients? when i enter this on the server i get the id of the renderer, but this is not the id of the renderer on all clients, i guess…maybe i didn’t figure out some major issues concerning boygrouping…

any more hints?..