Boygrouping problem

Wich beta do you consider safer for boygroups?
In the past i think there were some issues with computers loosing connections related to docked patches.
I havent changed my setup since 2.3, wich fails to update properly after saveas.
What is the experience with later releases ?

i wll try to expand on this;

i use a boygroup (betya23) of 6 identical computers (dual core, win xp) for playing back a 5 x 1400x600 pixel video and some basic patching aside.

while using the systems individually is going smoothly (rare crashes), i must say working under boygroup has bought along (aside!) a set of new problems.

i get the following effects, sorted by frequency:

  • if i save_as root- or subpatches its 98% certain i will need to restart the boygroup to get back to normal dataflow

  • clients stop updating and no acces via remoter, only local acces is possible

  • clients freeze overall

  • when starting-up the server patch i sometimes end up with parts of the patch not making it onto the clients… and then the next time it works as expected

  • sometimes a working subpatch stops working and has to be de- and re-boygroupped to fix it

  • clients stop updating while still available in remoter/vnc

some toughts on pinpointing causes:

  • more disconnections in cases where i right click hidden bg-patches to edit them instead of keeping them docked

  • regarding loading order of patches ? (no succes in establishing relevance)
    a) first start a patch with boygroup (server) then myroot
    b) have the boygroup (server) in myroot
    c) have a subpatch with bg-setup

  • re distinction between vvvv/network/hardware problems: are there ways to log vvvv/network/windows actvity to review after system freeze/restart ?

please feel free to share your thoughts in this matter
thank you

hey ggml.

I’ve extensively used beta23 for boygrouping and have never experienced the problems you’re reporting (except the usual type of vvvv crashes of course).

I’m not really sure where to start to help you apart from suggesting to setup a boygroup on another couple of machines to test general boygroup patching and your patches. It may be just the patches you’re dealing with, something specific causing an issue.

Your comment…“no acces via remoter” might suggest you have some network problems because remoterSA is independent to vvvv. what router/switch are you using? try if you haven’t just using a cross-over cable between the server and a client and see if you still have problems.

the only thing I you’re talking about that I never do is save things as root. I never save anything as root, I’ve never found the need. I have a patch I generally name MAIN_xxxxxx and this effectively works as the root but it’s not the actual root.

Also I never use docked windows.

also if you’re using cloned copies or just the same copy of windows XP on all the machines then you could have a underlying issues with your windows installation.

one thing i could reproduce is this:

  • boygroup(server), client ip
  • boygroup a quad connected to a renderer
  • save-as
  • disconnect quad

quad will remain connected on client

this happened on 2 different setups:

2 desktops / winxpsp3 / beta23
both over switch (model tp-link tl-sl 1109) and over direct connection (straight through patch cables)

2 laptops / win7-64 / beta26
both over router (model cisco epc 2425) and over direct connection (straight through patch cables)

regarding saving as root, it was just about the naming, as in the root of the project, not vvvv’s root patch

regarding systems being cloned, yes, the desktop systems are.
you think there can be some underlying issue with identical hardwares ?

thanks so far for the report. “save as” issue and syncronisation of boygrouped patches debugged and fixed for >beta26. if some problems persist please open a new thread.