Boygrouping Issues

In current Beta, the clients show something like “Server-IP=S” instead of “CLIENT! IP” in the task bar. Why is that?
Also the clients refuse to DoQuit without opening that darn “Are-You-Sure-You-Don’t-Wanna-Save” Dialog again. This issue had been fixed in earlier versions.
Could that be due to the root window now opening automatically when specifying the root path in “args.txt”?


hola sven,

boygroupig has received quite some fine reworking. a minor thing is the new taskbar labelling, which now shows the servers ip first, since that is the more interesting information.

concerning the DoQuit issue: i had the same recently, but only occured though, when i started the clients via commandline and had an additional args.txt (which i forgot about). removing args.txt and only using the commandline made DoQuit work. note also that the client does not need a root patch.
/client ServerIP
is enough.

anyway an upcomming version will have “Query Save” pin on the DoQuit node.