Boygrouping issue - server and clients not connecting

Hi all,

Since I’ve re-installed Windows XP SP3 on my three machines boygrouping with takethat doesn’t work anymore.

I followed carefully the boygrouping-instruction for server and clients.

Setup.exe with vvvv 45beta34.1 shows all green. VVVV runs fine on each machine. The Windows firewall is turned off, manual IP-addresses given, ping in all direction works.

When I load takethat in vvvv/server the lights on the switch start to blink though takethat (on server only) is not showing a established connection in the advanced io-box. The vvvv/clients have been started before the server. Pressing CNTRL-B doesn’t change anything on the clients (at least visually).

What did I forget? Some special Windows-service/protocol?

Any hints?

can you ping with vvvv’s own Ping node? if not, check your firewall.

I can ping with vvvv’s own ping node.

does Renderer (TTY) report anything?

also: does it work for you with any previous release? if so: which is the last version that works for you?

Renderer (TTY) doesn’t report anything when server and clients are connected through the switch. Switch is blinking.

After removing the network cable from the server Renderer (TTY) on server reports the following:

00:01:24 ERR : Socket Error # 10065 No route to host. Switch is not blinking.

Last working version was vvvv45beta30. I suspect the problem caused by the update to XP SP3 with all later updates. It stopped working on that version.
Any other rather weird syncing through UDP with the same configuration works, just boygrouping doesn’t. The PCs are not connected to the internet.

Looks like I’m going to reinstall everything from scratch.

Addendum: I will not be able to work on the PCs until October 13th.

i just tried boygrouping to and from an XP SP3 machine here. works flawlessly with b34.1.

you say selecting nodes on the server and pressing CTRL+B doesn’t change anything?! it should at least color the selected nodes on the server in blue. if that doesn’t you didn’t start the server with the /server argument.

and you’re saying that on the same machines if you try everything with b30 it works? only not with any later vvvversion?

I tried all versions back to b27.
CTRL-B does turn the selected nodes blue, on all versions I tried.

Takethat are not dancing on the clients and the server never receives the “client is connected” feedback in the iobox (advanced) which is connected to the boygroup node on the server.

I had takethat running for a test with b30 before the system update to XP nSP3 and some .Net stuff.

It must be a Microshaft thing. I’ll just install a new blank XP SP3.

Thank you for the help so far.