Boygrouping Client opens multiple times

i want to make a boygrouping setup. For the test I have one server and one client. The Server .bat file opens the main patch, if I open the bat file from the client, the main patch opens every frame… until its crashing down. In the mainpatch is just a renderer with a quad and the boygroup server node. I work with the latest beta x64 and the latest dx11 pack.
Maybe somebody have an idea, why the main patch on the client opens so often?

thanks miik

hei miik,

this doesn’t sound right. you wouldn’t open any patch on the client as all patches are transmitted to clients from the server via the network.


I just open the batch file - nothing else on the client. The Mainpatch opens, when i open this on the server with the batch file.

Client: vvvv.exe /client
Server vvvv.exe /o C:\XXX\DATA\ _main.v4p /server

hm…i just tried exactly what you described and it works for me. can you please post your main patch so i can see if there is anything suspicious.

also do you get anything in tty on server and client?

solved here

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