Boygroup, use more than one output on client

Is there a way to use 4 video outputs on a client? I have a setup with one server and one client where client has two graphic cards(4 video outs)


there is bound to be a way. What success/failure have you had so far? what graphics outputs do you have on your server?

One sure easy solution, but not cheap, is to have the same graphic cards on your client and server.

i have not try it yet. it’s a small project with no budget so i’d like to know that before i do it becouse i have no time to experiment.

I’m using MacBookPro as a server and pc(i5,2xhd5750) so there is no chance to have same hardware :(

i think ill do everything with one pc. then i’ll have just 3 outputs and this time this is ok…

another method would be using setPatch to change the left and top values of the render window held inside the patch file. On the client, move the render window(s) to where you’d want them to be when you hit the fullscreen mode, then save the patch, close it, open it up in Notepad, node down the left and top values of the window(s), then set these values using the setPatch before going full screen.