Boygroup seems not to work

Hi Boygroup seems not to work in the last alphas , I tried to ping and it reaches all the ip,s but boygroup nodes do not work.


woa. thx for reporting. should be fixed now.

another one: server needs to be up before client starts. otherwise client complains about connection issues and won’t reconnect. working on that…

nice ;D thanks

ok pls test with latest alphas. boygroup code saw quite some changes:

  • fixed connection issues of client
  • values are transmitted as is (were converted to singles before) -> higher bandwidth usage but lower processing time and no loss in resolution
  • colors are transmitted as is -> much faster
  • strings are transmitted with utf8 encoding (full unicorn support)
  • raw is transmitted as is -> i’d love to here about some kind of texture server
  • fixed issue where boygrouped string ioboxes didn’t update their values

note that these changes break compatibility with older clients/servers. so pls don’t try that. won’t work.
and if you can watch out for memory leaks pls. i didn’t saw any but you never know.