Boygroup only openning in new patch

Hello , I was testing some patches i used before with boygroup and i,m experienceing some changes or dificulties .

/client /r “C:\PROYECTO\patches”
I have same folder same place in all computer and same vvvv26version.

–Behaviour –

1-opening basic patches without subpaches seem to work.

2-opening patches with subpatches example videosinc do not open at all in clients, but if i open new patch window and paste in it , then it appears in clients with a new problem not finding the subpatches , if i hover the mouse in the client missing subpatch it says the right path where the subpatch media is .

If i open one of the missing subpatches in client by hand then it finds the root in the patch and patch works .

any ideas what is happening i tried some diferent combinations in the server and client commands but no luck .


hi there , ok working now .

as the patches are sent to the clients and i had the same patches in client and server this interferes so i delete from the client and magic .

in the client any of this commands worked fine with it and server the same :

/client /r “C:\PROYECTO”
/client /r “C:\PROYECTO\patches”