Boygroup multiscreen softedge

hello, i try to use the multiscreen spanmode with boygroup.all work find, but i have a problem with th softedge.i can use getslice to take the output for all clients, but the softedge it is always at right.i have looked at the multiscrren dualview for the softedgeManual shader but i can’t figure how to make the softedge of the secound screen in a 3 sreen setup.anyway i send a patch and i wish it will be more clear than my english.

multiBoygroup.v4p (7.1 kB)

What you did DOES work, only trouble is that the screen number that is shown is wrong, and NOW idea how to fix that (need to dig in the multi screen module for that).

But think we have a bug some where?

multiBoygroup2.v4p (8.7 kB)

thanks for the reply, i really apreciate.Yes, i find a solution for the scenn number problem with a getslice too.b But the softedge is still at the right of the screen on all the client