Boygroup may be buggy with huge patches

hi all,

i’m testing the new release (31.2) of vvvv with boygroup… and it doesn’t have bug any more with small patches a looks like how it was untill the 29.0.

but as soon as i’m working with a huge patch, some times doesn’t work…

expecially when i leave the client on and i restart the patch in the server… in the client side some of them doesn’t want start.

this patch was working properly with the 30.2 (but we had to start client first twice and than the server… other wise the server crash) we had to strictly follow this procedure.

right now looks like better but i think still not properly…

thank you

lovvvve u all


hei ales, thanks for your report.
it would help us a lot if you could send us a minimum version of your patch that is causing this problem.

sounds like it could also be related to a specific node that e.g. doesn’t destroy properly… so from here it is really hard to guess as long as you cannot provide a testcase.

hi joreg,

thank you for your answer
i will go ahead doing some test and trying to figure out where the bug could be…

than i will post the buggy part