Boygroup filestream Disable Speedstep

hello people, im trying to get the Filestream (boygroup) node to work in two computers running in a private network but i cannot get the right position of the file,
in the client the position goes more or less crazy.
I tried it with boygrouping and without and i dont get any good result, maybe this could be about the speedstep issue from the bios like tonfilm says in the documentation?
any advice to disable it,?
if not could be possible to show an example about syncing two files without boygrouping,?
or it more stable to use the clock node?
thanks in advvvvance,

hi , we are working in a permanent installation project for december, the setup will consist in one server and one client, and we will have 5 videos across 5 projectors ,one signal from the server, and the other four in the client across two graphic cards…every video has 45 minutes of duration, and we designed an interface to choose wich video to play. im having issues with the client setting up the video sync system.

the motherboard is an asus p9x79 with an i7 with 6 cores @ 3.20 ghz, and it seems to be a problem with the speedstep. i tried it in other clients with no problems but in this one im having lot of headache, i disable the speedstep in bios and the turbo, but asus gives you lot of options of tweaking and we are a little lost in this term, somebody experience this? at this moment we are stuck on this issue and its really annoying, thanks a lot ,

the setup is with 4 filestreams in
different ports, but the client reports a seek position in minus numbers .
i tried too with just one filestream and i get the same result.
maybe its something about network config?

when the behavior is the same with a single client, its the speedstep stuff. make sure you set windows to ‘presentation’ power setting, or ‘high performance’, depends on the system how it is called…

do you use it in a boygroup setup?

thanks tonfilm. the problem was solved…i change the server and i get speedstep down in both computers…
thanks a lot for the help.