Boygroup Effect Folder

Hi all and Joreg.

joreg, the problem with the VideoCapture (VideoIn Node) was actually not a Capture Card problem, but a problem with finding the right .fx file later in the graph. I guess the VideoIn Node worked fine as long as you only have one instance of it running. the second instance have curiosities with the analog video input enumeration. since the first boygrouped VideoIn node (not visible on boygroup clients) worked, the problem had to be somewhere else.

Boygroup clients only find .fx files if they are dropped in vvvv’s effect folder. why is that? relative path’s do not seem to work. so for the wishlist: I WANT RELATIVE PATHS SUPPORT FOR BOYGOUPED EFFECTS.

halo david.

check the first faq in Boygrouping and start the clients with the mentioned rootpath. does that help?

no. I’ve set the rootpath before. For assets like videos and file textures it works fine, but not for effects…

ouright. i fixed that for versions >beta11.1

good to hear… btw. this ‘bug’ is old, i think we need a bug tracking system… a simple one would be to step thru the bug forum and delete or move all posts whose bug is fixed.

hey. still have some curiosities with relative effect files in a boygroup in version 13.1

my root patch is d:\project
the server uses a shader d:\project\shader\effect.fx
the tty of connected clients (root patch defined) will say something like: Cannot load d:\project\effect.fx

as soon as you drop the effect.fx into the root folder on the clients it works…

seems like relative subfolders are still not supported yet.