Boygroup - DX11 Fullscreen issue

hi everyone,

Facing a problem with a small boygroup setup. My client won’t go fullscreen with Renderer DX11, whereas it works just fine with EX9.

Here are screencaps of the patch on the server and the client :



The only way to go Fullscreen on the clients is to disconnect the toggle from >= and activate manually, but then it also goes fullscreen on the server.

As you can see, TTY doesn’t seem to say much about it.

Tested with 33.7 and 34.

Any idea?



should work in upcoming alpha.

You should use the window node, always on top shortcut(ctrl+t) and remove frame shortcut (ctrl+8). Is a workaround that with some pratice works, remember that when the window is set as always on top change it’s name.

@gregsn : works perfect with latest alpha, thanks!

@esnho : thanks for the tip, a bit tricky but that also works :)