Boygroup delay


i try out the boygroup-node ( 2 PC´s / 1. is the Server / 2. the Client , the server makes also a image 1/2 ) and everthing works fine but the client pc had a delay of 1-3 frames or convers.

is this normal or is something wrong in my patch

find the patch enclosed

thanks for your support

boygroup_quad.v4p (18.8 kB)

you’d expect some delay due to the nature of sending values over a network, but should only small and can be within the same frame. the best way to deal with this is to not use the server as an output and only output clients. Then the delay is consistent across the clients. Also, some switches/routers will perform better than others and certain settings on routers will increase the response time.


i would like realize a projection with 5 projectors.

i my opinion a able hardware setting was:
3 PC’s with dualhead graphic-card

PC 1:
1 DVI Server
2 DVI Client

PC 2:
1 DVI Client
2 DVI Client

PC 3:
1 DVI Client
2 DVI Client

if i understand you correct, a better setup is to
tkae 5 PC’s as client ( single dvi output) + 1 PC´s as server

A 5 projector setup can be done with 1 PC. It depends how intensive your graphics requirements. it is possible to get 6 outputs from one half good nvidia graphics card using tripleHead2go. Connect 1 of these to each output on the card and then you can set in windows XP to span mode and you get one display @ 6144x768 (6x1024x768) or other common resolutions * 6 wide. They can also do some interesting dual outputs at HD resolutions.

You can even have another graphics card in the PC and use it as your vvvv control screen.

I’ve had this working with Geforce8800, Geforce285, Geforce470. There is a compatibility list on the matrox website but there is very little information on it working as a 6 screen span with two of them.

You can still do some quite intensive stuff with 6 outputs from 1 pc. Main advantage is not having to boygroup and syncing issues with video and real-time stuff.

If you’re going very intensive graphics requirements, you could do various combinations I’d recommend.

All combinations require a Server PC (generally low spec graphics card, decent processor)and then:

  • Client A: 2 Outputs
  • Client B: 2 Outputs
  • Client C: 1 Output,


Client A: 3 Outputs using a tripleHead2Go
Client B: 3 Outputs using a tripleHead2Go,


Client A: 1 Output
Client B: 1 Output
Client C: 1 Output
Client D: 1 Output
Client E: 1 Output

if i scale down the number of projectors from 5 to 4 projektors

is a technical setup like this a smooth solution:

_high performance pc
_2 x dualhead graphic card like a GTX 285

has anyone experience how synchronal work this 2 cards together in 1 pc


is a boygroup setup (1 server + 4 clients) a better solution


I would say that 1 server + 4 clients is the best solution.