Boygroup client resolution

Hey all

If i’m boygrouping, then how do I set my clients to use a different fullscreen resolution than is available on my server?
Has this already been discussed?
Is there a ‘Set resolution’ module somewhere?


currently working with a suggestion from catweasel:

open the client with an argument /o “Render.v4p”
where Render.v4p has a renderer with an R (Node) to get the layers out of the actual boygroup section.
In that way, your renderer is saved separately per client. So resolutions are also saved per client


cats suggestion works against the boygrouping philosophy in that there is typically no reason to deal with the clients separately.

i remember people mentioning such a module though i also remember having quickly patched such a solution myself once ago…

@Joreg, it might go against the philosophy, but it would be very useful! Even allowing setpatch, to do it would be enough, but otherwise its manually vnc, which is rubbish, or have a renderer patch.
…or a enum for the resolutions ;)

exactly, setpatch is the way to go. may the creator of the SetResolution (or so…) module please stand up and contribute it.

I think I tried that on a boygroup, but it wouldn’t work, I presumed because the server didn’t have the resolution available, I could be wrong though, don’t have a boygroup to test it on at the mo…

+1 for enums

liberate the pins!!!

also be useful to have a String2Enum to go with it :)

i’ve had SetRes working across a boygroup no probs.

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SetFullScreenResolution (EX9).zip (3.3 kB)