Boygoup and video sync


As we plan to make a non-interactive installation across 1 beamer
and 10 televisions, where all tv’s and the beamer should play an
individual video at the same time, i looked into boygrouping and
tonfilm’s VideoSync module.
I tested it on two pc’s (1 server, 1 client) and followed instructions at Boygrouping,
giving the client the same resources as the server, etc.
When i run the test-patch from the VideoSync-module, everything seems to work,
the client pops up the renderer in fullscreen and the video starts playing on
both machines, but the framerate on the client pc is about 1-2 fps, so the playback
of the video is jittering extremely. I have no clue where i can start to get
things better.
What i tried/observed:

  • The video runs at full speed, when played back on both machines outside
    and inside of vvvv (without the boygroup setup)
  • The video is an Xvid-codec, i tried several others, all the same thing, on the
    server playing smooth and on the client 1 frame per second
  • When i start vvvv on the server in server-mode on the client side a new patch
    windows pops up, with two docked instances of the server-patch. why is this?
    it seems as if the patch is started 2 times on the client. did i miss sth?

Maybe someone can help me out, as time is a critical factor here ;)


hello, baygrouping was changed in latest version of vvvv. i would try to usa an older beta, like 14 or 13… else, no clue right now…

but the codec is very important, mjpg was running best for me.


Switched back to beta13.1 and it works like a charm.
Thanks tonfilm!

concerning the doubled patches on clients. this is a known problem with the current release. for now you have to specify a root via startup args to workaround this problem. so specify something like this:
/server /r c:\myprojekt\mypatch.v4p

not sure about the framerate issue. it may as well be gone as soon as you only have one instance of the patches on the clients. also really try mjpeg as tonfilm suggested. it never let us down so far.

@doubled patches on clients: fixed for vvvv >= 40beta22