Box2D + vvvv_45beta33.7_x64 =?

Hey folks,

I know it’s not a really new question but found no satisfying answer so far.

Why isn’t Box2D included in the x64 version of vvvv-33.7? It isn’t even included as a project in the vvvv-sdk addonpack solution. Further, I was told, it was completely discarded in the new 50beta33.8 alpha at the moment?

Are there some serious reasons why and more important ways to get it running somehow without running 2 instances of vvvv?

Since there was a workshop at NODE’15 I assumed it was somehow commonly available.

Thanks a lot!

Because someone has to do that and nobody has done it so far. The most likely candidate to do it is @vux)) and he is doing tons of things all the time. so bare with him… in the meanwhile he offered an x64 version of box2d for b33.7 here: ((forum:box2d + bullet x64 version
EDIT: just tested and i am afraid this version does not work with b33.7_x64

i just had a look and it is there in _x86 builds.

Thank you! Good to know.

Sure, @vux cannot do everything at once. I’ll try to get the vvvv-sdk compiled and if succeeded have a look at the Box2D solution.

I (as well as others) already tried the x64 dll provided but they really seem not to work at all, besides probably for the author himself ;)